Dear patrons, 

On Sept 3, I am releasing “Grrrl Monster,” which I am delighted to share with you a few weeks before public release, as a perk of being my patron. The album link follows the album description below.

In the 1990s, as a young woman whose sexuality was “straight” but whose politics were “radical feminist,” I routinely struggled in relationships with men, who, even despite a kind heart and gentle soul, typically were oblivious to violence against women – which permeated our society, and with it, our collective ideas, norms, sexual mores, and most intimate relationship dynamics. 

I found myself repeatedly heartbroken by men who could not be bothered to do the work of confronting their internalized misogyny – not only because the work was inconvenient, but because there were scores of other women who would not stand up, speak out, or otherwise refuse to tolerate that which was intolerable but deemed socially acceptable. Men could always find someone else who was “easier,” and that always seemed preferable to them, because a woman’s strength and integrity were perceived as liabilities, not assets.

 I wrote many poems and songs during this period, as my way of processing the emotional and spiritual anguish I experienced in romantic relationships. GRRRL MONSTER features these previously unreleased songs, along with a few selections I also wrote during that time period, as I chiseled out my own vibrant identity, amidst a society rife with flatness and conformity.

Album preview is here, and lyrics are here (along with lyrics to the Iraqis in Pajamas debut album). ENJOY!