Dear patrons, buckle up – this poem pulls no punches about the so-called “holiday season,” which has spread, like weeds, from one month to a third of the year! Happy to hear your feedback and discuss with you. xo Loolwa

Masquerading as universality
Happy Holidays
A brilliant PR coup
Spinning unconstitutional preferential
Treatment of religion
As all inclusive diversity
When it’s just all about you
Demanding that I that we
That our religions cultures experiences
Fit into your ideas
Of who how and what
We should be
Sleigh bells reindeer Santa and snowflakes
Have nothing to do with me
Daughter of the desert
With a far more ancient history
And calendar
5779 CE not 2018 AD
Year of “our” lord
That is your lord
Whom you framed my ancestors for killing
Then killed my ancestors for your framing
Over the centuries
Across the globe
Which you dominated
With the spilling of our blood
Their blood
The blood of
Anyone who disagreed with you
Because fundamentally
You are a narcissist
Your way
Or death
Forget the highway
So don’t wish me Happy Holidays
When really you mean
Merry Christmas – emphasis Christ
And when your ho ho ho is compulsory
Forcing your religion on me
While claiming it’s secular
Simply because it incorporated Paganism
As a strategy
Making the worship of your god
More familiar and appealing
To those whose civilizations you destroyed
Whose descendants ironically
Are you
The ones wishing me
Happy Holidays
As your ancestors
Roll over in their graves

©2018 by Loolwa Khazzoom. All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be copied without author’s permission.