Dear Patrons, while I wrote this poem a couple years ago, it feels relevant to the struggle I face during the Jewish holy day season, of which we’re in the final stretch this week. I wrote this one a bit differently than I usually write poems – it’s more of a free-flowing paragraph, instead of distinct stanzas. – Loolwa

I don’t celebrate holidays the way I used to the way I’m supposed to the way you want me to – you who impose abuse cover up attempt to destroy as I claw scratch crawl my way out of the wreckage you created. Created in your image I am nothing like you as I cling desperately to the shards of light that came with the darkness that came with the light passed down through the generations centuries millennia as they focus on power grabs slogans accusations the shifting of nation states religions of entitlement and distortion war mongering ravages ignoring entirely the complexities nuances details which is where the truth always lies

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