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I write songs

As my way of communicating

The depth of my feelings

But I find that words

Are silly inadequate

To express the vastness of grief

That I feel

Without you here

The omnipresent void

That threatens to engulf me

In a dark abyss

My world is shattered

I feel resentful

That life carries on

Without you

In the splendor

Of leaves changing color

Glorious shades of red orange and yellow

Gracefully falling to the ground

Signaling the beginning of

What was always

My favorite season

But what now

Signals the end

Of summer

Of you

Here alive

Making me crazy

As I love you infinitely

And as you love me back

Just as much if not more

I will never have an anchor

like you

Timeless bind

Of birth heart life soul

I try to reconfigure my idea

Of infinity

So that your death signals

not the end but the beginning

of something even more

Vast and magnificent

As old as time itself

And as timeless as Gd

As you rejoin the stars

And morph into

The limitlessness of Creation

But I find that while I understand

That you are more than this

As am I

I need a touchstone

That physicality

Means a lot to me

That I am in fact attached

To the body

Which I have always recognized

As the vehicle

For connection

But I am open

Ema Mommy

You told me you will be with me always

And that we can talk to each other

And that you will hug me

Through the purple telephone

So I trudge on

Through this debilitating grief

And try to reconceptualize

My ideas about

Beginnings and endings

Connection and sensation

Expanding my consciousness

Engaging the extrasensory field

That you celebrated

So that I can find you

And wrap my hand around your finger

For eternity

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