Dear Songwriting+ patrons, please enjoy this new song that I just wrote over the weekend. In case you’re wondering how raw and live a recording these are, you can hear me chasing after my cat at the end, when I realized she was sticking her face into the remains of tuna with mustard! Here is the audio recording, and lyrics are below.

In Your Image

Created in Your image
means that
The most sacred
And downright Holy
Way for me
To walk through this owrld
Is to cast off the shackles
Of other people’s perceptions
And needs
Regarding who I am
And how I should be
When I simply Breathe
And follow that Breath
To free
The authentic Me
I am inherently Living
My true purpose
And calling
And that is not only enough
But it is everything
Anything else
Is for the practice
Of surrendering

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