Dear patrons, a couple weeks ago, I was experiencing severe headaches and sluggishness that interfered with my ability to function. I realized that I was burnt out and that I desperately needed a vacation. The shadow side of my strong work ethic is that I struggle with allowing myself down time, going for years at a time without a vacation. I am pleased to say that I took off 10 days and had a wonderful energetic reboot.

I owe you a bunch of poems and other patreon perks, for January, which I will be sending shortly, after returning to my desk tomorrow. I thank you for your patience meanwhile. One of my goals upon return is to allow myself a lighter workload overall, so that I can send you poems consistently on a weekly basis, instead of in clusters.

Thanks as always for your support, and I will be in touch shortly. Meanwhile, I am sharing a photo from a local beach where I went for a hike with my cat.