Dear Journal + patrons, please enjoy this month’s bonus poem and original journal entry. Thanks so much for your patience! I knocked out THREE books in the past month, and suffice it to say, was a bit overwhelmed. I’ll be posting about the books soon – stay tuned!

I master my consciousness

Oust myself from this

Cognitive dissonance

Command the ship

Steer it steadfastly

Through these waters of turbulence

All manner of emotion and action

Henceforth emanating from

A deliberate decision

In turn stemming from

My core vision

Of who I am

And how I choose

To Live in this world

I discovered that

Radical acceptance

Poses inherent threats

To my spiritual essence

And whereas I previously threw my Life Force

Into changing the course

Of events

In the interest of aligning forces

With the highest Elements

I was ultimately limited

By the parameters

Of this human existence

And exhausted by my efforts

To change the roots

Of what was bigger than I

And entirely outside my control

I got lost in transition

Fell out of alignment

With my power and mission

But I recognize now

The harmonious integration

Of what is

And what can be

When I focus simply

On manifesting through me