Dear Journal + patrons, I’m super excited to share with you three things – a photo of my journal entry (see attachment) for my new song, “More than This,” along with the lyrics for the song, and a surprise bonus of my first stab at creating the song – recorded on vocals and bass. I just wrote it yesterday! It reflects a major transformation in my inner psyche – reaching the top of a huge moutain, which I’ve been climbing for a lifetime. I hope you enjoy this song, and love to hear your thoughts! Lyrics below. xo Loolwa

I get beaten down
But I get back up
Because I’m more than this

When they act without humanity
It’s so upsetting
I don’t know the best way
To take care of myself
Avoiding or fighting

I try to resolve things amicably
But nothing’s working
And when it all happens simultaneously
I’m afraid it’ll kill me

It’s a dance between
The limitlessness
That emerges from the willingness
And the finite parameters
Of this dimension
That limit us

The angels told me
To put my attention
On my bliss
And my path forward will reveal itself
Through the mist

The darkness
Becomes a backdrop
For my Light
And I realize
I just have to Be
I don’t have to fight

Dancing singing journaling
That’s my might
Your negativity through my alchemy
Becomes a healing delight