Dear patrons, woo-hoo! I just received a grant from the Lloyd Symington Foundation, to create a single and music video that is a continuation of my work developing a 5-part video series, “Kitchen Pirates” – a fast and fun approach to a whole-foods, plant-based diet. (Did you know that if you upgrade to the Kitchen Pirates level of Patreon, you’ll get the whole series as a free gift from me?)

Here’s a sneak peek at the new song, with vocals and bass. I’m also sending you the song structure doc and lyrics sheet, attached – for your eyes only! Super behind-the-scenes content.

My band is now developing the guitar, drum, and sax parts. I’ll send you a sneak peek of the recording once we have that all together. Oh, did I mention that I now have a virtual band? Details in this press release from my previous single. It’s all about recognizing the opportunity hidden in a setback!

And if you want to get your hands on that nifty Kitchen Pirates t-shirt I’m sporting in the photo above, head on over to the KHAZZOOM online store. Be sure to check out my digital albums and books as well, keepingin mind that as a patron, you get 20% off all digital products, and 40% off all preorders, by putting KHAZZOOMerch in the coupon field at checkout.

Love & hugs,