The bully
Was a construction man
With a toad face
On Reptile Place
Named after

A king and a god
His arrogance
Truly a disgrace

When he commanded
The people bowed
But one girl
Protested loud
Stood up
While the others cowed
He said
Hey this isn’t allowed

The bully retired too soon
Got bored
Now what should I do
Saw himself as the foreman
Neighbors his crew
Build Reptile Place
Brand new

The girl said
Let’s stop and think
The road’s not about
To sink
It’s kind to my feet
With the dirt
On the street
Hey let’s all meet

She wanted them
To think things through
Materials cost noise
Timeline too
But the bully said
My way, fool
Backed in a corner
She threatened to sue

The work was paused
Three years
Till they talked
And allayed her fears
It was a setup
A trap
To push her back
Get her money
Then kick her in the rear

And sometimes
That’s how it goes
The hero falls
On her nose
The battle is lost
But it’s a higher cost
To chain your life
To a toad

©2022 by Loolwa Khazzoom. All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be copied without author’s permission.