Dear Songwriting+ patrons, please enjoy this first stab at a song, “Space,” which I just wrote yesterday – first writing the poem, then picking up my bass and writing the melody and bass line. It’s based on my frustration and sadness around the ways that humanity has moved away from connecting with each other and the infinite possiblities of nature, the Universe, and the Divine, and has turned instead toward “reality” constricted by the limitations of 21st century mortal minds. I welcome your thoughts.


No longer space

For magic to unfold

Awareness engulfed

On a tablet or smart phone

Opening and possibility

Spontaneous opportunity

Shut down replaced

By simulated reality

No longer available

To receive nature’s cues

Awaken to the vastness

Of what we can do

Scripted regurgitated

On a loop

Imagination confined

To the corporate troops

Tohoo vavohoo’s* where

Creation will emerge

Dive into the black void

Head first

Allow discomfort of uncertainty

To surge

Until the portal opens

And we step through it rebirthed

*In the Torah, or Hebrew Bible, we are taught that creation emerged from a void of darkness and chaos. Similarly, birth happens in the darkness of the womb. My life experience has taught me that it’s when we step into the black void of uncertainty and confusion and chaos – which can be downright terrifying – that magical possiiblities unfold, if and only if we stay the course.

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