Dear Poetry + patrons, please enjoy this second poem for Feb.

I quietly assert my identity
Without compromise
With integrity
Sharing what went on
in our history
Expecting your care love and compassion
Despite all experience to the contrary
Where you have
Jumped on the bandwagon of hatred and bigotry
Gaslighting perpetually
Refusing to see or acknowledge
The complexity that exists
The way it does in families
Where some of the most poisonous violence
Is subtle and nuanced
Making it invisible to the eye
To the conscience
That lacks discernment
That lacks the willingness to
Go the distance
Ask questions that threaten
To rock the smooth surface
That makes your life convenient
Effectively calling on you to take action
Instead of look the other way
Our history is long interwoven and multilayered
With dynamics
That still play out today
In ways that are less obvious
Yet omnipresent and ever-threatening
I quietly humbly softly write songs
That tell my story
Asking you to rise to the heights
Of your humanity
To listen from the heart
Hold out the possibility
Of a different vision entirely
A path where we can hold hands
Like innocent children
Ready able and willing
To heal completely
And dance together in the glory
Of this magnificent Creation

©2019 by Loolwa Khazzoom. All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be copied without author’s permission.