In the Splendor of Leaves Changing Color

It’s been three years since my mom transitioned to the next life. In her honor, I’m sharing this poem I wrote a few months after losing her, when I was freshly shattered by the loss. I still feel in shock and walk around in a kind of daze, lost and numb, even as I am […]

In the Splendor of Leaves Changing Color – Spoken Word Performance

Before I figured out how to manage a Patreon account, I sent all my poetry and spoken word files to my patrons via email. Here is the spoken word performance of my poem, “In the Splendor of Leaves Changing Color,” which I wrote about my beloved mom and best friend, EJ Khazzoom, a few months […]

Jump Jump Jump

Dear patrons, the video above is a public sampling of the spoken word performances of my poems, which you can access exclusively when you become a Spoken Word patron, for $10/month. The text below is a patron-exclusive sampling of my written poems, which you can access exclusively when you become a Poetry patron, for $5/month. […]

Slow Down

Even when – or especially when – we are managing multiple code-red emergency situations at once, we need to carve out a little time to slow down. We may fear slowing down, because if we stop to breathe for a moment, we may really FEEL how overwhelmed we are, and then how are we going […]

Against Abortion? Stop Pushing Intercourse on Women!

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A whopping 92% of women do not orgasm from intercourse, and intercourse causes pain for 17% of women. In addition, given biological differences, women are at greater risk than men for getting STDs through intercourse. And yet sex is defined as intercourse and is routinely pushed on women from the time we are young girls. […]

Advanced Review of Drum Track on “The Convert’s Quest”!

Dear patrons, I got goosebumps listening to this .wav file my drummer just sent me (literally – I listened to it for the first time, 30 minutes ago) with a demo drum track for “The Convert’s Quest.” As my patrons, you have exclusive advanced review of this track! What do you think? I’d love to […]

In the Blink of an Eye, Darkness Turns to Light

I’m posting this in response to a Facebook comment, where a friend wished she had a reset button for overcoming the damage done by medical misguidance. As my mom used to say, “You never know when you’ll turn a corner” – with the implication that your entire reality can change in a nanosecond. I first […]

A Call for Intelligent Medicine

Medical error is just one of many causes of pain, suffering, and even death in the medical system, and medical error in turn is caused by many forces that are unaddressed in the medical system – patient gaslighting, injury shaming, professional laziness, profit motivation, and more. And yet, we operate as if doctors are always, […]

Help Me Produce “The Convert’s Quest”!

You can help me turn the tide of anti-convert sentiment by contributing to my GoFundMe campaign to produce my new song, “The Convert’s Quest,” with my award-winning band, Iraqis in Pajamas. Lyrics below.  If you’re touched by the lyrics, listen to the song and join the campaign at לך לך מארצךוממולדתךומבית אביךThe convert’s questThe […]