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In the wake of Black Lives Matter, your community organization may be looking for ways to ramp up your diversity, equity, and inclusion programs. But your staff may struggle with lack of knowledge or resources about global Jewish heritage, in particular, beyond the basics, given standard Jewish education – which with rare exception has been limited to Jews of Central and Eastern Europe. That’s why KHAZZOOM Multimedia Arts & Education is developing a series of expert and dynamic multimedia programs on Jewish diversity, equity, and inclusion – all without the effort or expense of program development for you, and with the additional option of built-in fundraising for your organization. Here’s how it works:

Photo by Moriel O’Connor

The Presenter

Loolwa Khazzoom has over three decades of experience in trailblazing Jewish multicultural arts and education, and she provides experiential, multimedia programs on religious, socio-political, cultural, and historical topics. She has presented at leading institutes including the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Harvard University; her work has been featured in top media including the NY Times and Rolling Stone; she has performed at venues including the Jewish Music Festival and the World Music Festival; and her books have been endorsed and taught by professors at universities including Princeton and Yale. Find out more about her Jewish multicultural work and her diverse additional body of work.

Photo courtesy of Maurice Shohet and family, as displayed in the Iraqi Jewish Archive exhibition arranged by the National Archives and Record Administration

The Programs

KHAZZOOM offers virtual Jewish diversity programs that draw from Khazzoom’s expertise – such as the upcoming event, Iraqi High Holiday Hits, where participants will learn High Holiday prayers from Iraq, most of which are shared by Mizrahi and Sephardi communities worldwide. This program is a rare opportunity to learn these prayers from a woman, in an egalitarian environment, and it comes with gifts including the first anthology by Jewish women of color, and an exclusive new album, Ancestral Ways: Iraqi High Holiday Hits, featuring these prayers. (This album will not be available to the general public.) Find out more about what to expect in a KHAZZOOM program.

The Perks

When your organization becomes a KHAZZOOM program affiliate – at no cost, with no formalities, by simply promoting the event to your community – you’ll receive a special sign-up link, which will track all registrations from your organization, and offer your organization one of two perks, as per your preference: 1) Your organization will receive 20% of all ticket sales coming from that sign-up link, or 2) your community members will receive 20% off the ticket price. Sign up to become a program affiliate, or find out more, by contacting KHAZZOOM.

Iraqis in Pajamas music video for Hanukkah. See for more.

Upcoming Programs

Here are programs currently in development. Sign up for the KHAZZOOM newsletter to receive notification of when registration is open for each event. When you sign up, you’ll receive a free digital album of your choice on the KHAZZOOM shop!

  • “The Convert’s Quest” panel on the rising anti-convert trend
  • “ExtraCurriculum” open mic for Jews of color
  • “From Hiding to Healing” panel on domestic violence in the Mizrahi/Sephardi community
  • “Pass the Pita” traditional Shabbath celebration from the Middle East
  • “Don’t Drop the Torah!” multimedia event for Simhath Torah

Would you like to offer a Jewish diversity event for free to your synagogue members?

If you prefer to host a Jewish diversity event at your synagogue, and offer it for free or at a subsidized ticket price, contact me about my customized programs and special rates for large groups.

Teaching about global Jewry is neither optional nor extracurricular.


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