Guitarist Needed for THE CONVERT’S QUEST Recording

Guitarist needed to record THE CONVERT’S QUEST, a song challenging the rising anti-convert trend in the Jewish world. Click the video above, to hear the song. Lyrics below.

If you know someone who might be interested, please share. Doesn’t matter where the guitarist is located, but s/he/they need to be proficient in file sharing via .wav, to build a song together. Also doesn’t matter what religion, ethnicity, etc the guitarist is   – just looking for a talented, skilled, and hard-working guitarist. Comment below if you’re interested in the gig. If we work well together on this project, I’d love to keep working with you on upcoming recordings for my band Iraqis in Pajamas.

I’m raising moneyto pay all the musicians and the mixing/mastering recording artist for this project, via The Convert’s Quest crowdfunding campaign, so if you might like to chip in to make this happen, please do; and if you know people who might like to chip in, please share. That will help me ensure I am able to pay my musicians fair wages.

If you’d like the full back story and podcast I devleoped on topic, check out my Kaffe Khazzoom episode on topic


לך לך מארצך


ומבית אביך

The convert’s quest

The most gut-wrenching

Act of faith


All you know

All you love

All you are

To follow your soul

Your heart

No matter the cost

Leaving lands paradigms family community

To Become Who you are meant to Be

A Living quest of purity truth passion nobility

And vulnerable authenticity

Risking greatly

Amidst a world encouraging us to be


And play it safe

Go along with the crowd

But you have said NO

So that you can say yes

To the Gd of your understanding

Who shines brightly through

The Light of your Being


As a beacon for others

Staggering around in the darkness

Inspiring them

To follow their quest

Of their own souls

If they would just

Stop look and listen

To you

To Ruth

Mother of the משׁיח

Your Gd will be my Gd

Gd of the עברים

Those who cross over

Those on the convert’s quest

The Sarah and Abraham of our time

Stepping out on faith

Crossing the river Into uncertainty

Toward the Promised Land

נעשׂה ונשׁמע

The most Jewish Jews of all

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