5 Steps to Chronic Pain Management

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Loolwa Khazzoom, founder of the Dancing with PainĀ® method for natural pain relief, has compiled this eBook to hold your hand gently and guide you safely through the choppy waters of living with and healing from chronic pain. Khazzoom shares 5 natural pain relief methods worth exploring; 5 tips for friends and family who want to support you; 5 red flags to look out for in your healthcare; 5 basic principles to help you keep on keeping on; and 5 helpful steps to take when your pain is all jacked up.


4 reviews for 5 Steps to Chronic Pain Management

  1. O. Frangou Palmer

    A compact, solid, life deriving guide. Loolwa experienced pain full strength. She expands on her understanding of human nature and she has a breakthrough to share.
    Her body spoke to her in an intimate way and led her into discovering herself and her abilities. Just pure intuition, put to work.
    Enslaved in pain, no more. Detailed steps how to diminish pain and having fun in the process while changing the physical, emotional and social aspects of pain.
    We are all alike vulnerable to pain, but now we are a given a choice to turn something negative to a positive and life changing experience.
    The best advice in the book: “don’t settle for substandard care.”
    Love yourself, first, and then you can love everyone else, including your pain, by embracing it in a healthy way.
    Touches on all the faces of chronic pain. Suicide, depression, relationships and limitations.
    Reminds us that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach, rather a deliberate day to day, hour to hour approach that takes time but the results are magnificent and life changing for us and all others around us.

  2. Jesse

    I just recently finished reading this E-book, For anyone dealing with chronic issues, this has some really useful insights, I highly recommend this for anyone dealing with chronic pain, or really any other chronic debilitating issue.

  3. Marlaina Donato

    Living with chronic pain can suck the life out of you, and anyone living it from the inside knows how much support, self-care, and outside understanding means. Sometimes it can mean the difference between hopeless isolation and a lifeline that enables someone to get out of bed. Loolwa Khazzoom’s wonderful compact guide not only validates what it’s like to live in pain but offers bite-size, long-lasting tips, ideas, prompts, and perspectives that can go a long way. I wish I had this handbook when I was living in fibromyalgia hell. Highly recommended, too, for family, friends, and partners of someone living with pain.

  4. Haley

    Wonderful practical tips!

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