The Flying Camel: Essays on Identity by Women of North African and Middle Eastern Jewish Heritage is the first anthology by Jews of color. Find out more about the book and purchase it here. This anthology is essential reading for Gender Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, and Jewish Studies departments, for organizations doing anti-racist work, and for book clubs. Editor Loolwa Khazzom, along with her band Iraqis in Pajamas, is available for multimedia programs that bring the anthology to life, whether for a university, religious institute, or community center. Find out more about the programs and book them here. If you would like a review copy or bulk-order discount, contact the KHAZZOOM production manager. Below you will find supplementary materials for The Flying Camel.

Excerpt of Ha’aretz magazine review

“The majority of Jews outside of Israel are Ashkenazi; most of their ancestors reached Central and Eastern Europe hundreds of years after the fall of the Second Temple in 70 C.E. This is the Judaism shown on TV: tables laden with gefilte fish and matzo ball soup, bubbes and zaydes shouting Yiddish proverbs at their grandchildren, klezmer music and ‘Fiddler on the Roof.”’ Of course, this isn’t a universal Ashkenazi experience, but in the global imagination – including the Jewish imagination – this isn’t just the stereotype, it’s the archetype.

“To grow up a Jew of Middle Eastern or North African descent, most often described as Mizrahim in Israel or Sephardim (descended from Jews from pre-Inquisition Spain and Portugal) in the Diaspora means living a Jewish life that doesn’t fit the mold. To grow up in the Ashkenazi-dominated societies of the Diaspora and Israel means to find yourself denigrated for your difference, while to grow up in the Middle East or North Africa means to face hostility for being Jewish. To grow up a woman in these societies means to shoulder all the burdens of women in the West while meeting the expectations of a relentlessly patriarchal way of life.”


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