Innovative Musician

Basics and Bling Loolwa Khazzoom was born a natural musician. Throughout her childhood, she studied flute and piano at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and in college, she studied recording engineering at

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Pioneering Jewish Multicultural Educator

Loolwa Khazzoom pioneered the Jewish multicultural movement from 1990-2010, offering ground-breaking educational programs to countless schools, camps, synagogues, youth groups, community organizations, and conferences, throughout the United States and Israel. She taught everyone

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Feminist Powerhouse

Basics and Bling Loolwa Khazzoom is the author of Consequence: Beyond Resisting Rape and is editor of The Flying Camel: Essays on Identity by Women of North African and Middle Eastern Jewish Heritage, which are taught throughout

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Poet, Journalist, Author

The Bling Loolwa Khazzoom was a blogger for The Huffington Post and otherwise has published her writing internationally, in mainstream media including Rolling Stone, The Washington Post, CNN, and Marie Claire; in Jewish media including Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Forward, Tikkun, and Jerusalem

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Cutting-Edge Wellness Coach

Basics and Bling Loolwa Khazzoom has healed naturally from multiple health conditions, including asthma, severe nasal congestion, allergies, eating disorders, and chronic pain, and she is currently in the process of healing naturally

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PR Specialist

Basics and Bling For a decade, Loolwa Khazzoom ran a boutique public relations management company that supported wellness practitioners and cutting-edge thinkers, through strengthening their platform and raising their profile. To this end,

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Background Photo By Moriel O’Connor