Loolwa Khazzoom was a living, breathing model of intersectionality, decades before the term became a buzzword. Given the naturally interwoven threads of her life as an indigenous Middle Eastern Jew, a woman, and a person living with and healing from multiple chronic health issues, she has a unique perspective on the vastness and nuances of healing. In addition, having repeatedly turned her poison into her medicine, in ways that surpassed medical knowledge and defied social norms, Khazzoom is expertly positioned to guide you in assembling a creative healing action plan that invokes possibilities you may not have known existed. Not only will your life be powerfully transformed, but so will the world around you, in a synergistic relationship

Khazzoom’s innovative work emerged from her lived experience, and therefore focuses on three areas – wellness, women, and multiculturalism. Regardless of whether you relate to one or all of these, the linchpin for your healing may stand at their intersection. If you identify as a woman, a Jew, and/or a person of color, for example, your chronic health issues may directly or indirectly be related to issues of socio-political oppression, intergenerational trauma, and unprocessed emotions like grief and rage. In these cases, the most critical healing work you can do may at the outset seem obscure and unrelated – smashing bottles, learning self-defense, and telling your story, for example, thereby releasing what you’re holding onto inside.

Your life, and by extension your wellness, are made up of a constellation of variables – not only your mind, body, and spirit, but also your ethnic identity, family history, religious practice, etc, which in turn interface with economics, politics, social norms, and more. It can feel daunting to grasp the comprehensiveness and complexity of it all, and moreover, to figure out how to navigate through it and determine the best course of action for healing and wholeness – for yourself and the world around you. Khazzoom has been-there, done-that throughout the past half-century of her own life. Through her deeply compassionate heart, keen intuition, and uncanny ability to hear, see, and get you, beyond what you communicate, she is well- positioned to serve as your expert guide on the wild ride ahead.

Learn more about Khazzoom below, then head on over to the KHAZZOOM online shop, for an original, exciting line of programs and products to support your transformation. If you’d like one-on-one coaching, send an email to schedule a session.

Innovative Musician

Loolwa Khazzoom was born a natural musician. Throughout her childhood, she studied flute and piano at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and in college, she studied recording engineering at Columbia University. She has written

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Pioneering Jewish Multicultural Educator

Loolwa Khazzoom pioneered the Jewish multicultural movement in 1990, offering ground-breaking educational programs to countless schools, camps, synagogues, youth groups, community organizations, and conferences, throughout the United States and Israel. She taught everyone from young

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Feminist Powerhouse

Loolwa Khazzoom is the author of Consequence: Beyond Resisting Rape and is editor of The Flying Camel: Essays on Identity by Women of North African and Middle Eastern Jewish Heritage, which are taught throughout the Ivy League and at

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Poet, Journalist, Author

Loolwa Khazzoom was a blogger for The Huffington Post and otherwise has published her writing internationally, in mainstream media including Rolling Stone, The Washington Post, CNN, and Marie Claire; in Jewish media including Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Forward, Tikkun, and Jerusalem Post; in activist media including Bitch,

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Cutting-Edge Wellness Coach

Loolwa Khazzoom has healed naturally from multiple health conditions, including asthma, severe nasal congestion, allergies, eating disorders, and chronic pain, and she is currently in the process of healing naturally from cancer. Her healing adventures

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PR Specialist

In 2010, Loolwa Khazzoom launched a boutique public relations management company that powerfully has supported wellness practitioners and cutting-edge thinkers, through strengthening their platform and raising their profile. To this end, she has placed clients

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