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If your only tool is a hammer, that’s what you’ll use on everything – even when doing so is inappropriate or outright destructive. Through this unique roundup of eight KHAZZOOM brands, Loolwa Khazzoom – a seasoned multimedia artist, educator, and interdisciplinary healer – will guide you on developing the highly customized tool kit you need, to cultivate robust wellness for yourself and the world around you. As part of this process, she’ll teach you how to discern between which tool to use, when to use it, and for what purpose, and she’ll additionally coach you on how to use it optimally. Take a tour through the KHAZZOOM brands below, to learn how you will benefit from Khazzoom’s ground-breaking and intersectional work, then be sure to visit the KHAZZOOM online shop, to get started on your own wild healing adventure.

If you’re tired of living in pain or popping pills, and if you wish you had more options than surgery and pharmaceuticals, learn the original dance method for natural pain relief, through the Dancing with Pain® line of multimedia products, live events, and private coaching sessions. It’s a tool that’s available to you 24/7, and it’s accessible and doable for those who are bedridden or wheelchair bound.

Natural Pain Relief

In 2004, Loolwa Khazzoom discovered that by reconceptualizing dance, she could use it to heal herself. Over the next few years, she went from being bedridden to being able to bike 30 miles at a shot, pain-free. She went on to teach what she called the Dancing with Pain® method, discovering that it had a 96% rate of efficacy in treating a wide range of chronic pain conditions – including fibromyalgia, arthritis, and migraines. 


The method went on to be featured in top media, including The New York Times and ABC News, and was endorsed by top pain specialists, including Martin Rossman MD and James Dillard MD. Now finally, science is catching up to Khazzoom’s discovery – with numerous peer-reviewed medical journals today proving that, yes, dance does heal pain.

Dance out Your Pain!

Whether you’re healing naturally from a chronic health condition or looking for self-care tools to augment your conventional medical care, Kitchen Pirates music, videos, online events, and private coaching sessions will provide the support you need. You’ll learn how to create your own delicious and nutritious meals, in as little as 15 minutes flat, all while enjoying creative self-expression and moving meditation. Ultimately, this video series will help you transmuate your chronic health condition into a catalyst for an exhilarating new life!

The Problem with Rigid Diets

When Loolwa Khazzoom was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2010, she rejected surgery and instead radically altered her diet – cold-stopping the growth of the nodules in the process. Over the next five years, in the interest of doing whatever it took to heal completely, Khazzoom experienced a few culinary misadventures – including a month-long juice fast from which she nearly collapsed, and adoption of a raw vegan mindset that left her orthorexic. There are hidden perils in dogmatic protocols, Khazzoom realized, no matter how effective the core principles may be. What’s more, ease and play are just as important ingredients as rigor and discipline, when it comes to healing in general, and healthy eating in particular. 

Play with Your Food

From the depths of this experience and wisdom, Khazzoom went on to develop Kitchen Pirates. It’s an intuitive, relaxed, and playful approach to a whole-foods, plant-based diet. Rather than throwing a book of recipes at you, Khazzoom expertly will guide you on the mindset, building blocks, and mix-and-match strategies that will make you confident and independent in the kitchen. As part of the process, you’ll enjoy original music, spontaneous dance, and a heaping scoop of fun

Become a Kitchen Pirate!

You have a critical role to play in healing from cancer, and the linchpin of your healing may come from a hidden or unexpected place – revealing itself only when you reframe cancer as an opportunity for transformation. By helping you pan your lens wider and get creative in your process, Cancer Is My Engine music, videos, online events, and private coaching will inspire, empower, and expertly guide you through custom-designing your own cancer-healing adventure.

Honor Source

Cancer has a myriad of possible causes, depending on the individual. In the case of a farmer, the root cause may be pesticides in the fields. In the case of an abused woman, it may be adrenal depletion. In the case of a poor man, it may be malnutrition. In the case of a refugee, it may be unprocessed grief. The list goes on. In addition, these and other contributing factors may intersect with and compound each other. So while there is one word for the health condition, “cancer,” there may be an untold number of factors contributing to its physical expression – most of which are not asked about in medical exams, and are invisible to medical imaging and diagnostic tools.

Shift the Focus

Simply removing or burning a tumor, through surgical and pharmaceutical intervention, may temporarily get rid of a cancer mass while overlooking the source of the cancer. If the cancer source remains unaddressed, it may again, over time, produce another cancer. What’s more, the body may be in a weakened state from surgery and chemotherapy, and less able to heal from another round of cancer. To the contrary, when you approach cancer as an indicator that something in your life needs light, attention, love, and change, you turn cancer into an opportunity for awakening and transforming. In turn, you invite deep healing and wholeness into your Being – which is key whether you choose a holistic, conventional, or integrative approach. 

Turn Cancer into Your Engine!

Loolwa Khazzoom expertly integrates her passion for wellness with her savvy in media, placing wellness practitioners in top outlets including Dr. Oz, Fortune, and CNN. If you’re an integrative or holistic medicine practitioner – in particular, someone who integrates sound healing into your practice – and if you’re looking to catapult your work into the spotlight, book exclusive media services with KHAZZOOMedia.

Khazzoom is a seasoned public relations specialist with decades of experience working with media like The New York Times, Dr. Oz, and Rolling Stone, celebrities like Andrew Weil MD, Suzanne Somers, and Matisyahu, and venues like Harvard University, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and Omega Institute. As a natural extension of her wellness work, she will leverage her personal expertise and professional connections, to help you powerfully communicate your message, connect with the right people, and seize the spotlight. 


Loolwa Khazzoom’s ground-breaking anthology on North African and Middle Eastern Jewish women is the first collection of writings by Jewish women of color. If you’re a dark-skinned Jewish woman who has felt invisible and invalidated your entire life, or if you’re a diversity, equity, and inclusion specialist – looking to deepen your understanding and expand your offerings – this anthology and companion program series will blow open your mind and spark new possibilities, for your personal growth and professional development.

Intersectionality in Action

A living, breathing model of intersectionality, The Flying Camel stories and program series organically connect the dots between exile, body image, sexuality, class division, religious practice, domestic violence, the Middle East conflict, and other pertinent issues, in ways that are insightful, refreshing, and enlightening – challenging false constructs and artificial barriers within humanity. Reflecting a diversity of experience and perspective, and drawing from a collective wealth of knowledge, these gripping stories are deeply personal and uniformly honest, providing a secret passageway deep below the narrow scripts and slogans of today’s identity politics, and leading straight into the chamber of the heart, where the healing begins.  

Connect to the Stories

Feeling mad as hell about it all? Crank up the volume and shout your prayers with Iraqis in Pajamas. This music is your medicine! Iraqis in Pajamas offers numerous recorded albums and unique merchandise. The band’s music is also featured in all KHAZZOOM online programs, and is part of the soundtrack for multimedia products across brands – including Dancing with Pain®, Kitchen Pirates, Cancer Is My Engine, and The Flying Camel.
About the Band

In turn vulnerable and angry, haunting and inspiring, Loolwa Khazzoom’s band will disarm you through its bold confrontation of personal and collective trauma – exploring how to cultivate joy, beauty, intimacy, and resilience from the brokenness of our lives and our world. With songs in English, Hebrew, and Judeo-Arabic, the band uniquely blends ancient Iraqi Jewish prayers, alternative rock, and personal storytelling – on topics as varied as chronic pain, sexual violence, mental illness, hate crimes, family caregiving, and national exile.

Experience the Music!

Fusing sacred Iraqi Jewish chants with improvisational vocals and New Age instrumentation, with songs in Hebrew and Judeo-Arabic, Loolwa Khazzoom’s solo musical project, Shaddai Chants, is the perfect soundtrack for your meditation, yoga, massage, and conscious dance practices, as well as for helping you get a restful sleep.

Album Art
This Music Is Medicine

The debut album, Shaddai, features songs that were sung to Khazzoom as lullabies when she was a baby – instantaneously soothing her into a state of deep peace and foreshadowing the healing power of music in Khazzoom’s adult life.

Ancient Prayers

Shaddai Chants recently launched the Ancestral Ways double album series, featuring original Iraqi Jewish prayers in their a cappella version, followed by improvisational vocals with crystal singing bowls and/or percussion. These albums will deepen your experience of global Jewish heritage, while cradling you in a state of wellbeing. 

Experience the Music!

If your community wants to get past the bagels-and-cream-cheese cliche of Judaism, spice up your Jewish practice with ancient Iraqi Jewish prayers and rituals, chanted in Hebrew and Judeo-Arabic. Loolwa Khazzoom was the first woman to lead Middle Eastern Jewish prayer services in public, and she offers a wide range of community events for Shabbath and the Jewish holidays.

Loolwa Khazzoom pioneered the Jewish Multiculturalism movement in 1990 – bringing to the mainstream both awareness and celebration of global Jewish heritage. Today she facilitates prayer services, teaches songs, and leads rituals in the ancient Iraqi Jewish tradition, and she offers expert Jewish multicultural training and coaching, for educators and activists alike. Bring Khazzoom to your community for a special event, and augment your Jewish equity, diversity, and inclusion work, with a customized program for your leadership.  
Connect to Global Jewish Heritage

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