It’s the ancient calling, piercing through the numbness, rousing the life force that you buried in your childhood, when you thought, “this is as good as it gets” and fell in step. It’s the euphoria awaiting you in the expansive realm – not the one that vanishes when the hit is over, but the one that remains, reshaping you into that vision from the mist of your dreams. It is the fierce love that looks for you, finds you, gently takes your hand, and says, “Come. It is time.” From the cathartic force of punk rock to the calming energy of sacred chants, KHAZZOOMusic is the soundtrack for your soul’s transformational journey. An innovative blend of original music and ancient Iraqi Jewish prayers, sung in English, Hebrew, and Judeo-Arabic, it is the creation of singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Loolwa Khazzoom. Her lyrics boldly confront personal and collective trauma – exploring how to cultivate joy, beauty, intimacy, and resilience from the brokenness of our lives and our world.

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In the wake of the Oct 7 massacre, the shocking celebrations worldwide, and the deafening silence in response to both, Loolwa Khazzoom shut down completely and stopped creating – both from a sense of despair and out of a feeling of solidarity with the victims. Following an epiphany that radical Jewish joy is the most powerful act of solidarity and defiance, Khazzoom burst into an intensive 10 day period of creativity, in which she wrote this raw, passionate album of 7 songs for the Oct 7 victims – in genre-defying musical styles ranging from folk and jazz to punk and metal. The album weaves through English, Hebrew, and Judeo-Arabic. Full album back story here.


Buy this alternative rock album to embolden you in transmuting darkness into light. Be sure to mosh pit dance to “Conformity,” the first-ever Iraqi Jewish punk rock song!


Buy this special-edition double album by Shaddai Chants. It’s a rare collection of woman-led Iraqi selihoth for the High Holy Days – featuring 10 original a cappella prayers, 10 improvisational prayers with vocals and crystal singing bowls, and a unique digital prayer book with Hebrew refrains transliterated into English, with traditional Iraqi pronunciations.


Buy this calming album with a New Age take on sacred Iraqi Jewish chants – featuring improvisational vocals and keyboards. No matter your background or language, these tunes will soothe and support you in meditation, yoga, dance, relaxation, and sleep. In doing so, they will usher you out of fight/flight mode (sympathetic nervous system) and into rest/digest mode (parasympathetic nervous system), where your body’s innate healing mechanisms come alive.



Buy this alternative rock album when you’ve had it with misogyny and are ready to get feral. Crank up the volume full blast, in celebration of your righteous fury!


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Iraqis in Pajamas new album, ‘Til You can Dance Again, is a passionate tribute to the victims of the Oct 7 massacre in Israel. You can help spread healing through music, by contributing to the production expenses on our GoFundMe page, and sharing this page with your circle.

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