Online Event: “Don’t Fight Your Pain. Dance with It!”


Guest Speakers: Pain specialist Martin Rossman MD Dance scientist Benjamin Hickman MPT In this fun and informative event for people living with chronic pain, you’ll learn essential self-care principles and strategies for turning your life around and healing – both from chronic pain and from the bio-psycho-social avalanche that goes along with it.  You’ll also learn about […]

Turn Your Cancer Diagnosis on Its Head!


Guest Speaker: Oncologist Steven Eisenberg DO In this fun and educational, multimedia event online, you’ll discover how to turn your cancer diagnosis on its head, by awakening to the many possibilities and opportunities that present themselves at this life-altering crossroads. What You’ll Experience seasoned guidance on self-care strategies for wellbeing in the face of cancer personal […]

Jews Are Not White


Ignorance about Jews is rampant, and as a result, Jews are highly misunderstood and frequently maligned – leading to tensions, hostilities, and even violence. In my upcoming online event, “Jews Are Not White,” we’ll explore questions like the ones below, to help facilitate understanding, compassion, and heart-centered connection across dividing lines: Are Jews white, people of […]

From Hiding to Healing


In this online event, we will explore the complexity and consequence of domestic violence in the Mizrahi and Sephardi communities – doing so in a way that facilitates healing and transformation, on the individual and collective levels. This event is closed to survivors of domestic violence and will not be recorded, in the interest of […]

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