Seize The Spotlight

Do top venues ignore your calls?

Does "The Media" seem like an alien planet?

Are VIPs in your field more like idols than colleagues?

You know you could make such a difference in people’s lives…if you could just get their attention! You have a fantastic story, product, or service, but you’re unsure how to tell it and sell it. I will turn that around for you, and fast! I’m a seasoned public relations specialist with decades of experience working with media like The New York Times, Dr. Oz, and Rolling Stone, celebrities like Andrew Weil MD, Suzanne Somers, and Matisyahu, and venues like Harvard University, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and Omega Institute. I will leverage my expertise and network, to help you powerfully communicate your message, connect with the right people, and seize the spotlight.

Let's Get You Famous!

Bullseye Branding - $199

Special offer through the end of 2020!

Not making the impact you’d hoped for? The culprit is typically in the foundation – a subtle misalignment between the heart and value of your work, and the way you describe and frame it. Through my signature method, I rapidly will identify your essence, refine your brand, and provide expert guidance on nailing your target. As a bonus, you’ll receive 10% off additional work with me.

Media Master

Grab the attention of target media, venues, and VIPs, through master coaching on PR basics for your brand.

Rockstar Bio

Captivate your target audience, with expert crafting of a bio aligning your past accomplishments and future goals.

Word Goddess

Inject your communications with vision, passion, and inspiration, through professional writing and editing services.

Spotlight Press Release

Seize the media spotlight with a concise, gripping description of your news item - highlighting your edge and leveraging the perfect time hook

Destiny Media Drills

Boost your confidence and nail your interviews, with expert guidance on how to communicate your message in sound bites.

Media Magnet Website

Kick your website into high gear, with content designed to engage media within seconds of landing on your page.

Powerhouse Press Kit

Wow editors and producers with a media-savvy, polished showcase of your work, making you the obvious choice for story placement.

A-List Road Map

Manifest your dreams with expert guidance on getting from "here" to "there" - including detailed action steps in service to your big picture.

Elite PR Management

Gain direct access to top media, venues, and VIPs in your field - catapulting to a new place in your career, in three months flat.

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