With Themes of Finding Light in the Darkness, "Cancer Is My Engine" Music Video Releases Hanukkah 2020

Backed by Leading Doctors, and with a Fresh Take on How to Face a Health Crisis, Seattle Area Band Releases Innovative Music Video about Healing from Cancer through Song

  Press Release  

Kitsap, WA –

Amidst the global pandemic, volunteer cast and crew drove in from across Washington state, donning masks and practicing social distancing, to film against the backdrop of the stunning Olympic Peninsula forest - for Iraqis in Pajamas' music video, "Cancer Is My Engine."The video tells the story of front woman Loolwa Khazzoom's choice to reject the conventional thyroidectomy treatment for thyroid cancer, despite medical and financial pressure. Khazzoom instead chose to approach the diagnosis as an opportunity for radically transforming her life - such as by going vegan and practicing numerous forms of mind-body medicine...
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