BLOODY CROSS: New Song Preview (Lyrics and Audio)

As I was writing the songs for my band’s new album, ‘Til You Can Dance Again (a tribute to the victims of the Oct 7 massacre), I knew I wanted to write a scathing song about the Red Cross’s blatantly racist failure and refusal to do their jobs, ie, to ensure the survival and wellbeing of the Israeli hostages – who were captured, tortured (including sex trafficking, ie repeated rapes), and murdered by Hamas. 

Toward the end of the 10-day period that I was knocking out this album, I was talking with my friend Aura Spivak, who is delightfully geeky, and she gave me some back story on the Red Cross – props to her for the insight and references, which I drew from in the final verse of the song.

Below are the lyrics, and in the audio clip above, you can get a preview of the original vocals-and-bass recording. My drummer and guitarist will be building on this shortly – stay tuned to my Patreon site for that!

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Red Cross
Bloody Cross
Double Cross
Refused to cross
You racist fucks
Enabling barbaric terrorists

Torture murder loss
You don’t care
When it happens to us
Abandoned hostages
Colossal fail
To do your fucking jobs

You refused
To bring their medicine
Like asthma spray
And a tank of oxygen
They needed to live
You’re hypocrites
Not humanitarians

Theatrics of your
Passion Play
Abdicate your
Social responsibility
Respect for all Beings
Alleviating human suffering
Not coincidentally
Your symbols
All exclude the Maghen Daweed

©2023 by Loolwa Khazzoom. All rights reserved.

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