Don't Drop the Torah

Don’t Fight Your Pain. Dance with It!

 Sun Feb 19th 4:00PM PST

I’m kicking off a series of Dancing with Pain® online programs, starting with, “Don’t Fight Your Pain. Dance with It!” – a multimedia event featuring live music and spoken word performance, personal storytelling, and self-care tips – including a live demonstration of Dancing with Pain® basic moves – to inspire and guide you on living with and healing from chronic pain. This event has been designed for lay people and wellness practitioners alike, and is useful whether you’re taking a holistic, conventional, or integrative medicine approach to pain management.

Dancing with Pain

About eight years into this ordeal, a series of serendipitous experiences led me to an epiphany – that by reconceptualizing dance as more than leaps, twirls, and fancy footwork, I could use it to heal myself. I started “dancing” with whatever part of my body was not in pain – initially, only my arms – and within as little as an hour, I would go from limping to leaping. In the beginning, I would wake up on a pain level around 7-8, then dance, and the pain would go down to a 2-3, but then I’d wake up with the pain jacked up again. While I wanted to progress the way I did before the car crash – for example, doing a new workout routine that got easier each week – I was grateful that at least I had something to get the pain down each day.

Medical Negligence

Sept 4- Sept 11: Tickets are $78

Sept 11 – Sept 18: Tickets are $101

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About Loolwa Khazzoom

Loolwa Khazzoom’s award-winning work has been featured in the New York Times, Rolling Stone, BBC News, and other top media internationally, and she has presented at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Barnard Center for Research on Women, Harvard University, and other leading institutes worldwide. She pioneered the Jewish multicultural movement in 1990 and was the first woman worldwide to lead egalitarian Mizrahi/Sephardi prayers.

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