Kids from the Sandbox

This song is part of my band’s new album, Til You Can Dance Again, a tribute to the victims of Oct 7, featuring 7 new original songs. Lyrics are below and scratch recording (very rough, unmixed, unmastered version) is above. If you believe in the mission and message of this album, help raise the funds for recording and producing it, by making a one-time donation at GoFundMe or by becoming a KHAZZOOM patron, for as little as $3/month, and please share this widely!

We’re the kids
From the Sandbox
With stories
Of Love and Hate

That we’re turning
Into art
Holding hands
As we co-create

And transmute the suffering
Into music paint
And dancing

Listening caring
And boldly sharing
Honoring the ancestors
In ways
That are healing

I’m so glad
I know you
As the world is reeling

From wounds
Turned to violence
Turned to wounds
Turned to violence

I can’t stop the madness
But I’ve got a feeling
That you and I
Together in this
Can birth a reality
That’s new and glorious

And maybe over time
The world will
Join us

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