These Boots

Feeling betrayed by the Left and your friends in it? Enraged by “#metoo unless you’re a Jew”? Finding yourself in a pit of despair? This song is for you. Crank it up and sing along – music heals! Lyrics below and scratch audio above (very rough, unmixed, unmastered version). This song is part of my band’s new album, Til You Can Dance Again, a tribute to the victims of Oct 7, featuring 7 new original songs. If you believe in the mission and message of this album, help raise the funds for recording and producing it, by making a one-time donation at GoFundMe or by becoming a KHAZZOOM patron, for as little as $3/month, and please share this widely!

These boots
Are made for walking
They’ll never again
Walk for you
Cuz you didn’t walk for us
When the issue
Was about the Jews

We showed up to yell
That Black Lives Matter
Changed our pronouns
Screaming for trans rights
Demanded immigrants
Be let across the border
Put our lives on the line
Arm in arm for the fight

Our activism is
1000 times our demographic
We’re raised to question
And challenge
Social norms
Fling ourselves
Into the heart of a conflict
Devote our lives
To the righteousness
Of a cause

It’s like the expectation
Always facing women
Give to others
Til there’s nothing
Left of us
But when we
Ask for basic recognition
You throw our asses
Under the bus

You’re consumed
With narcissistic fury
Supporting what you
Organized to stand against
While brazenly ignorant of history
You’ve become one of
The worst racists yet

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