Entertainment and Protected Speech

Here is another of the series of poems and songs I have recently created on sex and porn – text below, and first stab at a song in the link. When you become a Patreon member, you’ll receive weekly installments of original poems, spoken word performances, first stabs at songs, and live video chats about them all – with my Patreon members and me – for memberships ranging from $5-$101. In doing so, you’ll support me in creating a book of poems and series of spoken word and musical performances, on these and other topics of personal and social relevance. First stab at a song here, and lyrics here:

Entertainment and Protected Speech
Assaults me incessantly
From every corner
Of society
I cannot
Turn on the TV
Watch a movie
Or even enjoy
Feminist stand-up comedy

Whether from commercials
Or a gratuitous strip club scene
That’s entirely unnecessary
For the unfolding of the story
The message is conveyed to you and to me
This is what is done
To the female body
By necessity
This is the definition
Of sexuality

It’s drilled into our collective consciousness
Without mercy
To the point that
I want nothing to do with your sex anymore
And contemplate a life of celibacy
Which honestly
Seems preferable
Even though it’s
Horribly lonely

Meanwhile I see little girls
Distorting their faces
Contorting their bodies
To conform to the female images
Seen in photography

As you my love
Are conveniently and resolutely
To the deleterious impact
On the feminine heart soul mind autonomy
Ripped to shreds
Turned into
Scraps of meat
For your visual consumption
And passive entertainment
To the rhythmic beat
Of your coming

“I live in a country where if you film any act of humiliation or torture, and if the victim is a woman, the film is both entertainment and protected speech.” (Andrea Dworkin)

©2020 by Loolwa Khazzoom. All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be copied without author’s permission.

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