Healing the KHAZZOOM Way: Wild, Vast, and Interwoven

We are multisensory, multidimensional beings, impacted by an untold number of variables inside and around us: The food we eat. The chemistry of our brain. The religion we practice. The history of our family. The resources in our community. The color of our skin. These variables flow into, through, and across each other, weaving together a unique tapestry of individual and collective reality that affects us on every level, every day.

Don’t Fight Your Pain. Dance with It!

In 1997, I was in a hit-and-run, head-on car collision that threw me into the cauldron of the healthcare system, where I went from bad to worse and ended up alternately bedridden, housebound, and wheelchair bound, over the course of the next decade. Prior to that, I was super athletic – jogging up to 12 […]

ANCESTRAL WAYS: My new album featuring classic Iraqi prayers for the High Holidays

Album Art

My new album, ANCESTRAL WAYS: Iraqi High Holiday Hits, is available exclusively to KHAZZOOM patrons and program participants, and is free for those participating in the Iraqi High Holiday Hits program on Sept 18. It’s a unique collection of 20 selihoth and related prayers for R’shana (Rosh Hashana) and Kip’r (Yom Kippur), chanted by a […]

How My “Iraqi High Holiday” Hits Program Fills an Unmet Need in Academic Institutes

Absence in Jewish, Women’s, and Middle Eastern Studies Courses With rare exception, indigenous MIddle Eastern Jewish history, heritage, and socio-political concerns are glaringly absent in Jewish, women’s, and MIddle Eastern Studies courses – this despite the growing consciousness about intersectionality, and despite the fact that indigenous Middle Eastern Jews are a critical mass of Jewish […]

Free Jewish Diversity Programming for Your Organization

Expert Programs without Effort or Expense:Become a Jewish Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program Affiliate! In the wake of Black Lives Matter, your community organization may be looking for ways to ramp up your diversity, equity, and inclusion programs. But your staff may struggle with lack of knowledge or resources about global Jewish heritage, in particular, […]

Who Benefits from Silencing and Erasing Middle Eastern Jews?

Iraqi Kewish woman

Learn more about indigenous Middle Eastern Jews in my upcoming event, “Iraqi High Holiday Hits,” in which I will teach you my favorite Iraq prayers for R’shana (Rosh Hashana) and Kip’r (Yom Kippur). No knowledge of Hebrew or Judaism is needed for this event. You can be assured that I have decades of expertise teaching Eastern melodies to Western ears, and choosing sections of text that are easy and fast to break down, follow, and master!

Iraqi High Holiday Hits

On the High Holidays, Mizrahi and Sephardi Jews may feel torn between orthodox Mizrahi/Sephardi services or progressive Ashkenazi services. Meanwhile, Jewish community leaders and laypeople alike may be ignorant of the High Holiday prayers from anywhere other than Central and Eastern Europe. For these reasons, on Sept 18, trailblazing Jewish multicultural educator and hazzan Loolwa […]

Street Harassment is Terrorism against Women

After moving to Israel in 2002, amidst a wave of terrorist attacks, I realized that the feeling of chronic anxiety and uncertainty – never knowing if this cafe or that bus would get blown up – was identical to the feeling of chronic anxiety and uncertainty that I had experienced as a young woman in […]

Slow Down

Even when – or especially when – we are managing multiple code-red emergency situations at once, we need to carve out a little time to slow down. We may fear slowing down, because if we stop to breathe for a moment, we may really FEEL how overwhelmed we are, and then how are we going […]