#MahsaAmini Lyrics

Jina Mahsa Amini

A young woman
Just trying to
Breathe easy
Walk through
The streets of Tehran

Mahsa Amini

But police grabbed her
Beat her to death mercilessly
Tell me
Is this your idea
Of godliness
And modesty?

Mahsa Amini
Say her name with me

You cover women up
For your shame
And indecency
Projectile vomit
Onto us
Your perverse thoughts
And obscenity

We won’t take it anymore
And suffer silently
Burn the hijab
Show your face

Mahsa Amini
Say her name with me

Iranian women
Gddesses in Black
Risking your lives
Under threat
Of attack

Your courage
Is breathtaking
Igniting the world
To act

We hear you
We see you
Ladies we’ve got
Your back

Mahsa Amini
Say her name with me

©2022 by Loolwa Khazzoom. All rights reserved.

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