Healing the KHAZZOOM Way: Wild, Vast, and Interwoven

We are multisensory, multidimensional beings, impacted by an untold number of variables inside and around us: The food we eat. The chemistry of our brain. The religion we practice. The history of our family. The resources in our community. The color of our skin. These variables flow into, through, and across each other, weaving together a unique tapestry of individual and collective reality that affects us on every level, every day.

The Nature of Healing
Despite the immense variability of every single person’s body and life, our culture is fixated on compartmentalizing and controlling, dissecting and diagnosing – as if everything can be made standardized, predictable, and repeatable. But what if that orientation itself undermines individual and collective healing, by restricting it? What if healing is wild, vast, and interwoven – a constellation of a million variables, like life itself?

The Body and Beyond

Americans are waking up to the interconnectedness of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. But it doesn’t stop there. These forms of health, in turn, are interconnected with culture, economics, history, environment, and politics. Everything matters, and everything impacts us, on multiple levels, all at once. Fortunately, the field of psychology now recognizes the significance of inter-generational trauma on mental health and, by extension, physical health. Similarly, pain doctors are beginning to understand that rampant child sexual abuse, and the omnipresent threat of rape, leave women twice as likely as men to suffer from chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia. Still, we have a long way to go in recognizing the multiplicity of ways that our bodies are affected by our individual and collective lives, and vice versa.

The Limits of Modern Medicine
Meanwhile, while conventional medicine undeniably excels at treating acute and imminently life-threatening emergencies, it fails miserably at resolving chronic health conditions – which affect 52% of Americans today. Our mindset is that if something is a big issue, it needs the big guns of surgery and pharmaceuticals, not a big salad or a big hug. Our current infatuation with hi-tech gadgets, however, may be obfuscating the cause of and solution for conditions like chronic pain and cancer.

My Wild Healing Adventure
I healed from those two chronic health conditions, as well as from numerous other health conditions and a host of social ills, through a robust dose of lifestyle medicine: I ate an all-organic diet, created a bottle-smashing range in my backyard, danced every day in my living room, hit men who harassed me, cycled several times a week, dive-bombed a stage to meet Ofra Haza, joined drum circles, wrote Iraqi Jewish punk rock songs, taught women’s self-defense classes, moved to the rainforest, played crystal singing bowls, published a book on Middle Eastern Jewish women, got into a relationship with a cuddly man, and otherwise radically overhauled every aspect of my life – defying social norms and medical declarations in the process. Throughout this wild healing adventure, my primary focus was not on fighting this or eliminating that, but rather, on healing every level of my Being. I took personal and professional risks, amplified that which gave me joy, meaning, purpose, harmony, connection, and love – and with a full heart, shared my wisdom and strength with others. It was the equivalent of lighting a candle instead of railing against darkness. 

Support for Your Own Adventure
Through KHAZZOOM Multimedia Arts & Education, I now share with you the bounty of my life’s work – live programs, albums, books, videos, and inspirational merch – as a source of support for designing and embarking on your own wild healing adventure. Like healing, my work is multilayered – in my case, embodying the connecting threads of wellness, women, and multiculturalism. It also is multimedia – teaching through music, storytelling, poetry, cooking, dance, and other forms of creative self-expression, as well as through facilitated and heart-centered conversation. Through all my products and programs, I will help you access your inner healer and identify your unique medicine, and I will guide you in designing your own road map to living a life full of authenticity and vitality. I never will tell you what to do or think. Instead, I will help you tap into your own wisdom and cultivate the tools and skills for putting it into action. Quite simply, I’ve been down this path, so I can offer pointers and hold your hand, as you embark on yours.

Why Listen to Me?

Not only do I have a badass story that will inspire you to create your own badass story, but my work has been endorsed by top doctors like NY Times bestselling author Larry Dossey MD and integrative medicine pioneer Martin Rossman MD, as well as by leading artists including Billboard chart-topping mantra musicians Deva Premal & Miten and platinum hip hop artist Sha’anan Street. My work additionally has been featured in top media including The New York Times, BBC News, and Rolling Stone; my books have been taught throughout the Ivy League and at universities worldwide; and I have presented at prestigious institutes including Harvard University, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and Barnard Center for Research on Women.

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