I Love My JewFro!

In the wake of the pandemic, my band’s gigs were cancelled, and my band mates dispersed, after five years of playing together. (See Iraqis in Pajamas website for our albums, and see press page for our videos, awards, and press clips.) I was bummed and found it difficult to relaunch the band, because few people want to rehearse in person, for obvious reasons. Then I thought – wait, what an incredible opportunity! As long as we’re not playing in person anyhow, I can reach out to musicians worldwide. 

That’s when I decided to launch a virtual recording project for “I Love My JewFro,” just in time for Hnika (Hanukkah) – incorporating the Iraqi song for the holiday. I have since found an amazing drummer and guitarist, and we’re developing a final recording of the song, combining all our tracks.

I love how playing with different musicians changes the feel of a song, and with the ease of virtual recording, I can co-create, and share with the world, different visions of how to approach my original bass lines and melodies. For this project, once I have a virtually recorded song released for Hnika, I’ll go after funding for high-end single and music video production of the song – like I got for “Cancer Is My Engine,” which won awards at film festivals worldwide. I have a big vision for “I Love My JewFro” as well.

If you’re interested in adding your instrument to the mix along the way, or if you know someone who might be, comment below, and I’ll get in touch. 


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