Iraqis in Pajamas Debut Album Featured on Numerous Playlists!

A bunch of blogs have added different Iraqis in Pajamas songs to their recommended playlists. Would you please support them, and us, by taking a minute to follow these playlists on Spotify? Just click the links in the list below, then click the heart or “follow” on the pages that come up.

UM Squad (Avant Garde Vocals playlist)

We Love Low-Fi

Girl at the Rock Shows (One Week at a Time)

From the Strait (On Your Radar)

Rock Fuegino (sPUNKtify)

Digital Feedback (New Punk Bands Discovery)

Last Day Deaf (Abrasive Minerals)

Indie Criollo

Ingrown Radio

Avopolis Radio (final song)

Thomas Imposter Records

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