JewNoses and JewFros Wanted for a JewLove Music Video!


Why is it a rite of passage for Jewish girls to get a nose job? Why is there so much derision for “Jewish” looks – which in truth are a reflection of the indigenous Middle Eastern roots of the Jewish people? Why does the rampant shaming of Jewish features go unrecognized as being racist? 

“I Love My JewFro” is a Jew-positive, Jew Love song celebrating the very aspects of Jewish features that have been hated on, across the world and over the millenia. The song is being released on Nov 26, just in time for Hnika (Hanukkah) – a holiday celebrating the fight against the colonialization, persecution, and assimilation of the Jewish people. Lyrics and back story are below.

You are invited to participate in the music video for this song, by sending a 5-10 second video clip of your fabulous JewNose and JewFro! The honkier your shoz and wilder your ‘fro, the better! No artistic talent needed. Your clip can be a simple shot of your nose in profile, or a few seconds of you dancing with your lovely locks gone wild, or images of you tickling your Jew kids, with your JewNoses and JewFros in full relief. Most importantly, have fun and see this as as opportunity to publicly honor the parts of your body that you may have struggled with, or hated, over the years.

Submissions must be received by Friday Oct 29. We’ll be doing this video pandemic-style, by virtually gathering clips and creating a music video composite of JewNoses and JewFros worldwide. So share this call for submissions with your friends and on your social media platforms, and help us spread the JewLove! 

Send your submissions to iraqisinpajamas [at] gmail [dot] com.

Iraqis in Pajamas combines ancient Iraqi Jewish prayers with original conscious rock, and the band sings about individual and collective healing, in English, Hebrew, and Judeo-Arabic. The band’s first music video, “Cancer Is My Engine,” won “best music video” awards and was selected for scrennings at film festivals worldwide. See press page here– including press releases, press clips, awards, videos, and hi-res photos.

The “I Love My JewFro” song was created during the presidential inauguration of 2020, as part of a series of songs and articles about Jewish identity and power, which caused quite a stir. See details here:

In the wake of the pandemic, the band became a virtual music collaboration, taking full advantage of the upside of social distancing. “I Love My JewFro” is the first virtual recording project. See details here: I Love My JewFro.

The “I Love My JewFro” music video will be released as a companion to the single, also on November 26, in time for Hnika.  

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