THE CONVERT’S QUEST – New Version + Recording Project!

I love songs where the words tumble all over each other. But…they are a bitch to sing. When I was singing the original version of my song, The Convert’s Quest, I kept ending up in a coughing spasm. I also thought it would be nice to create more room for instrumentals. So I opened up the song more, and then I added rudimentary harmonies. Here’s a rough recording.

I want to release the song for Shbuoth, or Shavuot, in honor of Ruth, the most badass convert recorded in Jewish HERstory. I’d like to work with the same musicians, audio engineer, and video producer as I did in my “I Love My JewFro” song, and compensate everyone properly, for all the heartfelt work pouring into the project. I need to raise $2000 for song development, recording, mixing, and mastering. Please help me by asking your rabbi if s/he would consider contributing $250-$500 from her/his discretionary fund, to help support the project. If a handful of rabbis say yes, we’ll have all the funding we need!

Get the full back story of the song in this post, and get the original poem in this post.

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*Photo by the talented Moriel O’Connor.

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