When They Touch Fire

I’ve been spending today typing up poems from my 2017-2018 journals. It’s quite instructive looking back at these journal entries. I find truths and struggles that extend through the years. Sometimes I find myself in radically different places, having shifted my relationship to a recurring issue. Sometimes I find myself in exactly the same place. But that’s instructive too – a wake-up call, hey this thing is real and is happening again, and you need to choose a different response to it, do some deep internal shift so that it doesn’t keep happening, so that you invoke and allow a different reality.

My heart’s wish is that these poems similarly cataylze some deep shifts inside you as well. If you find value in my poems, and if you’d like to see my messages fly on the wings of butterflies, out into the universe, where they can be experienced and enjoyed by many, I invite you to become a Patreon member. For as little as $3, you’ll support my ability to create art – poems, songs, music videos, all of it! In turn, you’ll receive freebies, discounts, previews, and exclusive access to original and unpublished content. Sign up here now

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