New Book Is a Game-Changing Road Map for Those Suffering from Pain

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Loolwa Khazzoom


New Book Is a Game-Changing Road Map for Those Suffering from Pain

On April 1, wellness educator and multimedia artist Loolwa Khazzoom releases, 5 Steps to Natural Pain Relief: Optimal Mindset and Innovative Strategies, from One Who Has Been There and Done That, with a foreword by world-renown pain specialist Martin Rossman MD. 

Seattle, WA – Slogging through a decade of debilitating chronic pain – alternately bedridden, housebound, and wheelchair bound – Loolwa Khazzoom explored, and ultimately discovered, how to heal herself naturally, to the point that she was able to bike as far as 30 miles at a shot, pain-free. With the insights of one who has been there and done that, Khazzoom’s book thoroughly addresses the bio-psycho-social dimensions of chronic pain management and is useful for those taking an integrative medicine approach, as well as for those taking an exclusively holistic medicine approach. 

In this book, Khazzoom shares the five core steps she developed, which are applicable to anyone suffering from pain, no matter where they are in their healing journey:

  • 5 effective natural pain relief methods
  • 5 support tips for loved ones
  • 5 red flags to look out for in healthcare practitioners
  • 5 principles to keep on keeping on
  • 5 remedies for pain setbacks

Foreword Excerpt
This short book has a great number of deceptively profound lessons for anyone looking for relief of chronic pain…Loolwa is not only a dancer and self-healer, but a clear, inspiring, and effective teacher who gives you many practical pain relief tools in this little book, and who teaches you her way of healing from pain, in a way that lets you make it your own. – Martin Rossman MD

About Loolwa Khazzoom
Multimedia artist and educator Loolwa Khazzoom successfully healed from multiple chronic health conditions, through a combination of music, dance, nutrition, and additional lifestyle practices. She is the founder of the Dancing with Pain® method for natural pain relief, the Kitchen Pirates method for a whole-foods, plant-based diet, and the award-winning band Iraqis in Pajamas, through which she sings about healing and transformation, on the individual and collective levels. Khazzoom’s work has been featured in The New York Times, BBC News, Rolling Stone, and other top media worldwide.

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