Cancer Is My Engine Music Video 

Kitchen Pirates Music Video Trailer 

Turn Your Cancer Diagnosis on Its Head!

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A Multimedia Online Event

Nov 12, at 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm PT online

Guest Speaker:
Oncologist Steven Eisenberg DO

In this fun and educational, multimedia event online, you’ll discover how to turn your cancer diagnosis on its head, by awakening to the many possibilities and opportunities that present themselves at this life-altering crossroads. 

What You’ll Experience

  • seasoned guidance on self-care strategies for wellbeing in the face of cancer 
  • personal storytelling about healing from cancer through lifestyle medicine
  • original music and poetry performance about living with and healing from cancer

How You’ll Benefit

Whether you choose a conventional, holistic, or integrative medicine approach to healing from cancer, you’ll gain invaluable insights into the steps you can take in your own wellness plan, and you’ll receive inspiration to ignite or strengthen your own cancer-healing adventure. 


Leading integrative medicine doctors, including those specializing in cancer care – such as Dwight McKee MD and Martin Rossman MD – have endorsed my work and have pointed to my story as a source of inspiration for those living with and healing from cancer.  

My Story

In 2010, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Ultimately, I chose to reject the conventional option of surgery and instead approach the diagnosis as an opportunity to heal on every level of my life. Through radically altering my diet alone, I cold-stopped the growth of the nodules, which remained stable over the next five years, as I incorporated additional healing modalities. Ultimately, my cancer-healing adventure led me back to my lost-love of music. Shortly after I launched my band, Iraqis in Pajamas, the nodules began shrinking. I am excited to share the many options for, and power of, natural modalities – tools to support your wellbeing, as you navigate through your own cancer healing adventure.

Live Music Showcase

Live music will include performances of the following:
  • “Live and Flourish” – a meditation for healing from cancer, incorporating the Jewish priestly benediction for wellbeing
  • “Cancer Is an Industry” – a song challenging the politics, social mores, and financial realities facing those who choose to heal from cancer naturally
  • “Kitchen Pirate” – a playful song about healing from cancer through a whole-foods, plant-based diet
  • “Cancer Is My Engine” – my song about healing from cancer through music. The music video won“Best Music Video” awards at film festivals worldwide
  • Live music meditation with improvisational vocals and crystal singing bowls, to bring you into relaxation and help you step out of fear and into faith 

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Cancer Is My Engine Music Video 

Kitchen Pirates Music Video Trailer 

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Buy this powerful handbook on self-care practices for natural pain relief, with a foreword by pain specialist Martin Rossman MD, who has this to say about the book: “Loolwa is not only a dancer and self-healer, but a clear, inspiring, and effective teacher who gives you many practical pain relief tools in this little book, and who teaches you her way of healing from pain in a way that lets you make it your own.”


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