Dancing with Pain® on PBS.

Dancing with Pain® on Johnson & Johnson.

Don’t Fight Your Pain. Dance with It!


A Multimedia Online Event

Oct 15, from 4:00 – 7:00 pm PT

Guest Speakers:
Pain specialist Martin Rossman MD
Dance scientist Benjamin Hickman MPT

In this fun and informative event for people living with chronic pain, you’ll learn essential self-care principles and strategies for turning your life around and healing – both from chronic pain and from the bio-psycho-social avalanche that goes along with it.  You’ll also learn about the cutting-edge global research proving that dance heals pain, and you’ll come to understand the neurological and biological processes behind this phenomenon.

Learn Effective Self-Care for Pain Relief

Chronic pain can have a debilitating impact on every level of your life – leading to a downward spiral, with seemingly no end in site. I know, because I suffered from it for most of a decade. The good news is that I figured out how to extract myself from the pit of suffering, and with my been-there, done-that insights, I have been successful in helping others do the same – teaching the self-care mindset, tools, and skills to effectively manage or eliminate your pain and reclaim your life7

I’ve Been Through What You’re Going Through

Following a hit-and-run car collision in 1997, I went from bad to worse in the healthcare system and ended up suffering from debilitating chronic pain – leaving me alternately bedridden, housebound, and wheelchair bound, for the better part of a decade:
  • Doctors dismissed me as a hypochondriac, refused me tests, and both ridiculed and injured me, leaving me afraid of medical care.
  • The car insurance company gaslighted me and refused compensation, leading to a nightmare legal battle that worsened my condition.
  • Friends blamed me for what I was going through – saying I had bad luck or bad karma – and outright abandoned me.
  • Invisible disability and hypersensitivity made it unsafe to function out in the world – leaving me isolated and in danger.
  • Social security put me through a humiliating wringer, then denied me support, despite my falling beneath the poverty level.
For these and other reasons, I nosedived into a pit of despair, until I routinely contemplated suicide while drinking my morning cup of coffee.

The Turning Point

About eight years into this ordeal, a series of serendipitous events let me to discover that by reconceptualizing dance as more than leaps, twirls, and fancy footwork, I could use it to heal myself. Within a few years after that, I was able to bike 30 miles at a shot, pain-free, and went on to live a life that was predominantly free from pain. From this discovery and transformation, I created the Dancing with Pain® method and began teaching it to others – over the years, discovering it had a 96% rate of efficacy in helping reduce pain and increase movement, for people experiencing a wide variety of pain-related conditions. The method went on to be featured in top media including The New York Times, ABC News, and American Health Journal (PBS), and to be endorsed by leading integrative medicine and pain management specialists – including Martin Rossman MD, who wrote the foreword for my book, Natural Pain Relief: A Self-Care Guide, and who will be a guest speaker at this event.

What You’ll Get in this Event

This two-hour, multimedia event will include the following:
  • Personal storytelling – revealing my journey into, through, and out of chronic pain.
  • Live music and spoken word peformance – sharing inspirational poems and songs about living with and healing from chronic pain.
  • Dancing with Pain® basics demo – teaching the core principles of the Dancing with Pain® method, for you to practice at home
  • Discussion and Q&A with Martin Rossman MD on the biomechanics of dance and related practices, for pain management without pharmaceuticals or surgery
  • Discussion and Q&A with Ben Hickman MPT on the science and backstory of his research on dance for natural pain relief
  • Pitfalls and practicalities – helping you understand your experience by outlining key issues involved in living with chronic pain
  • Mindset and action plan – guiding you on the core principles and practical applications of a self-care approach to pain management

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Dancing with Pain® on PBS.

Dancing with Pain® on Johnson & Johnson.

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