Martin Rossman MD is a Featured Medical Guest for Cutting-Edge Program on Natural Pain Relief

On October 15, integrative medicine pioneer and leading pain management specialist Martin Rossman MD will be a featured medical guest for the cutting-edge, online program on natural pain relief, “Don’t Fight Your Pain. Dance with It!”

This two-hour, multimedia event will include the following:

  • Personal storytelling with multimedia artist and educator Loolwa Khazzoom, who shares her journey into, through, and out of chronic pain.
  • Live music and spoken word peformance – sharing inspirational poems and songs about living with and healing from chronic pain.
  • Dancing with Pain® basics demo – teaching the core principles of the Dancing with Pain® method, for you to practice at home.
  • Discussion and Q&A with Martin Rossman MD on the biomechanics of dance and related practices, for pain management without pharmaceuticals or surgery
  • Discussion and Q&A with Benjamin Hickman MPT on the science and backstory of his research on dance for natural pain relief
  • Pitfalls and practicalities – helping you understand your experience by outlining key issues involved in living with chronic pain
  • Mindset and action plan – guiding you on the core principles and practical applications of a self-care approach to pain management

Register now for an advance registration special of 60% off the ticket price!

Dr. Rossman recognized the power of dance for natural pain relief, about 15 years before scientific research did. In this article, “Martin Rossman MD Explains the Science of the Dancing with Pain® Method,” which Dr. Rossman wrote in 2008, he explains the biomechanics of how and why dance is so effective in reducing or eliminating pain.

Dr. Rossman has written the foreword for Natural Pain Relief, Khazzoom’s new book. It is available now to KHAZZOOM Patreon members, and will be released to the general public on the day of the “Don’t Fight Your Pain. Dance with It!” event.

Register for the event now.

About Martin Rossman MD
Martin Rossman MD – a pioneer of integrative medicine and guided imagery – is founder of The Healing Mind, where he offers a robust selection of self-care tools for healing from chronic health conditions.

He is the author of numerous popular books, including Guided Imagery for Self-Healing (New World Library, Oct 2000), The Worry Solution (Crown Archetype, NY, 2011), and Fighting Cancer from Within (Holt, NY, 2003), He has created dozens of guided imagery audios and home study courses – including the self-paced Use Your Brain to Ease Your Pain course.

Dr. Rossman is a Clinical Instructor, Dept. of Ambulatory and Community Medicine at the University of California Medical Center, San Francisco (UCSF) and a consultant to the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at UCSF.

Dr. Rossman has provided integrative health care consultations to prestigious institutes including Kaiser Permanente, Stanford University, UCSF, Tenet Health Systems, and Andrew Weil MD’s Fellowship Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona.

He has been a featured medical expert in top media including ABC News and Fox News; he has been a medical blogger for The Huffington Post; and he has appeared in two national PBS specials on mind/body health and healing.


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